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Música em Família (Family Music)

Every month, between 2004 and 2006, Paulo Lameiro invited an instrumentalist, or an instrumental group, and held a session especially dedicated to families with children of all ages. At each session, children and parents were invited to go on stage and play with the instruments, or perform another musical activity, after having heard the professionals and the young music students playing. In residence at the Theatre Miguel Franco in Leiria, this project was also presented in other concert rooms such as the Casa da Música in Porto or the Auditório Municipal Beatriz Costa in Mafra.

Main Goal

Create a musical show with a strong pedagogical dimension, designed for families with children, within the so-called classical music, where the whole audience was invited to participate.

Funding Entity



Casa da Música – Porto.


Teatro Miguel Franco recebe grupo de artistas doentes mentais crónicos. Tinta Fresca, 2007.