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A performance, designed by Paulo Lameiro for the exhibition “Pianofortíssimo”, produced by the Museo Vostell Malpartida and by the Fondazione Mudima in Milan, and 5 short films directed by Roger Berg on the opening day of the exhibition (Museu de Alvaiázere, 13th of June 2007). The Exhibition was composed of 16 pianos, prepared by different artists belonging to the FLUXUS Movement and documented in a series of historical photographs by Fabrizio Garghetti. It was within the framework of the FLUXUS Movement that the idea of ​​an Exhibition was born where the artists, based on a grand piano, recreated a new conceptual universe.

Main Goal

To give the audience an immersive experience within the proposed theme and direct a set of videos that could be watched alongside the 16 pianos.

Funding Entity

Câmara Municipal de Alvaiázere.


Museo Vostell Malpartida.
Fondazione Mudima – Milão.