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Escola de Artes SAMP (SAMP Arts School)

An educational project created at SAMP, in 1992, by a team led by Paulo Lameiro, whose main program is the CRADLE OF ARTS. Founded on music, but integrating, since its origin, dance and theatre, it is today a model of education and artistic practices of international reference due to the range of audiences it involves (from pregnant women to the terminal ill), the community service that it has always cultivated (from nursing homes to hospital), the innovation and audacity of many of its programs (from which the Opera in Prison is just one example) and the two reference axes of its projects: the non-verbality and the involvement of the whole family in the educational experience. Parents are not the Responsible for Education, they are partners as individuals in the learning processes.

Main Goal

Give substance to the motto: More important than to put musicians on stage, is to put music in everyone’s lives.

Funding Entity



Ministério da Educação.
Fundação Caixa Agrícola de Leiria.
Centro Hospitalar de Leiria.
Câmara Municipal de Leiria.
Câmara Municipal da Batalha.


A magia que muda a vida de bebés, idosos e doentes. Diário de Notícias, 2017.